Fun new stuff ! We have created a music division here at EMBR group and our first 4 songs are now available for download. If you love Ed's classic Go Away Big Green Monster, you can now hear the incredibly cool song that his grand daughter (and my daughter) Adrian Emberley wrote and performed for the upcoming anniversary of this beloved book.  Also a musical version of my newest book Ten Little Beasties, along with a couple of inspirational drawing songs for fun! My husband Peter Black and myself, (and Adrian of course) are in the process of creating a musical for the Beasties- Beasties on Broadway! Fun - did I say I am having a lot of fun?
Adrian also has a new album of her own that dropped on June 18, self titled; Adrian Emberley and the Revolving Band. with 12 tracks, it's longer than her last album "Love" and it has a slightly more sophisticated kind of 60's vibe. On it's way to itunes, she's got cd's a 7" vinyl with two songs and download cards for sale- you can listen to a few of the new songs 
@ Adrian Emberley You can contact her if you want a copy or to see her perform live. Adrian is also in the process of putting up a new website. So look for the update @ www.adrianemberley.com
Lots and lots of fun stuff on the horizon this summer- we are working on an animated series, more smart phone/tablet apps, a documentary in progress for Lynda.com  and a shout out to First Book, www.firstbook.org for helping me place 4,000 copies of Adventure Girls with a charitable organization here in Maine. My days as a publisher are over for the time being. I am thrilled that the books will find their way into the hands of girls who can use them, rather than accumulating dust. 
Invaluable lesson learned.