Part ll of how to get the most from your Artstream Studios weekend workshop:

Relax! Easier said than done, right? A suggestion that might ease you into an artful state of mind - a walk on the beach. Kittery has a hidden gem, Seapoint Beach. It is a lovely 8 minute drive to the beach from the barn. Before or after class, this is the perfect place to switch gears. I do my best thinking walking on the beach!
There are a few parking spots on the road above, for out of town cars, Enjoy!

The beach may be a good place to pick up a few tiny things for one of the workshops I will be teaching, Visual Journaling. Visual Journals are as personal and individual as the written counterparts.
It can be as deep or as light as you wish. It can be a "what I saw today" journal or "food" journal,
and of course it can be a "deepest thoughts" journal. We will combine techniques using watercolor, collage, ink, you can combine words and art, photos, and found objects to create a portable work of art.

You will take it home from the workshop and continue to fill the journal with your art.  How do you find the time and space in a busy life for visual journaling? If you don't have a dedicated art space, I might suggest a small vintage suitcase. They have flat sides that can double as a work surface and plenty of space inside to store your journal along with collected bits, paints, inks, brushes etc., and can be tucked away when not in use. Sometimes it takes a little creativity to make the room in your life for art.

Let's not forget lunch! Prepared for you, fresh, organic, delicious, no set up or clean up, a sneak peek at lunch #2,  keeping you fueled for the afternoon session - Bon appetit!
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